Working across healthcare

Genpact Pharmalink works with leading life sciences organizations including 9 of the top 10, helping their regulatory affairs functions cut time-to-market, boost efficiency and ensure compliance, ultimately delivering superior patient and business value.

Life sciences companies are facing stringent regulatory requirements in developed markets, and are constantly challenged by the dramatically variable requirements in emerging markets - which can result in penalties for non-compliance or costly delays.

In 2013 Pharmalink Consulting Limited was acquired by Genpact Inc, who had identified our potential as the leading provider of regulatory services for nearly all of the 20 largest global life sciences companies for over 15 years. Pharmalink adds significant depth and specialist expertise to Genpact's Life Sciences vertical, which includes regulatory consulting, outsourcing, and technology capabilities.

As Genpact Pharmalink, we deliver custom regulatory affairs projects on any scale, across the globe, providing bespoke, cost-effective regulatory solutions in over 166 regulated markets.